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Edelbrock E-210 Cylinder Head for Small Block Chevy Engines

Edelbrock has released its new E-210 cylinder head for small-block Chevy engines. The new Edelbrock cylinder head provides race-level performance while maintaining full compatibility with OEM equipment. The new E-210 cylinder head features revised exhaust ports, larger runners for increased airflow and larger diameter valve springs for higher lift camshafts. These larger diameter springs make them ideal for larger displacement engines and spec series racers. Edelbrock kept the exhaust port flange in the stock location to allow use of off-the-shelf headers and hardware. The enlarged valves and ports are also able to support the power created at engine speeds of up to 6500 rpm. The Edelbrock E-210 cylinder head is capable of supporting more than 500 naturally aspirated horsepower and even more horsepower in forced induction applications.

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Ford Mustang

Edelbrock Strut Bar for 2005 to 2010 Ford Mustang GT

The new Edelbrock Strut Bars are designed to strengthen the front sub-structure by tightening the strut towers with the firewall and cowl. The result is improved handling through quicker and a more precise steering reaction on your 2005 to 2010 Ford Mustang GT. And, it looks diesel!

Source: Edelbrock
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