JDM Hello Kitty Exhaust Tip

JDM Hello Kitty Exhaust Tip

If you really love Hello Kitty and modified cars, check out this JDM Hello Kitty exhaust tip.

Photo Credit: Unknown
Car Photo Submitted by: Unknown via Submission Page

4 Replies to “JDM Hello Kitty Exhaust Tip”

  1. Would this fit a 2007 scion tc? My gf is in love with hello kitty and would love this for her ride. Thank you for your time.

  2. Cute tailpipe tip! Do you know if it will fit a 2007 Saturn sky? I’d really appreciate your answer. Thank you.

  3. Would this Hello Kitty exhaust tip fit a 2008 Mini Cooper S? My exhaust pipes have been shortened already during a mini recall; but I have burnt my leg on it STILL… and would like to put a cover or something on the pipes to prevent brushing up against the pipe when unloading trunk to prevent another burn.

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